Das Dritte Reich


Some material about the Trird Empire that was supposed to last 1000 years but made it only to 12 years because of poor understanding of economics and politics.

Goebbels' documentary according to his diary. Very interesting to learn how this man built the very effective propaganda machine in Germany.



Triumph des Willens by Leni Riefenstahl(Triuph of the Will). A propaganda film of the impressive propaganda machine
of Hitler and Goebbels (110 minutes) an edited edition with more titles. A very sharp and clear edition of this film.

A film by Leni Riefenstahl abaut the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. This is only the First part of the movie/documentary. The second part has been sensored in many countries. Maybe a few years from now in a more enlightened time those restrictions might be lifted?

Documentary about the way that Hitler made progress toward his becoming Germany's leader (42 minutes).

Der Krieg Der Deutschen- Der Zweite Weltkrieg (in color)

Hitler movies in color